Sunday, April 4, 2010

Insignificant Contributer

"Welcome to the Show, I Would Vomit up my Life If I Could"

Once or twice in your life,

Someone comes along and before you met them you felt whole, complete.

But as you become close to them, when they leave, it's as if they take half of you away with them...

And you have to learn to live your life as half a person.

More painful than this and dreadfully under minded is being that person who has the urgency to leave.

Falling out of love, is like the dwindling comfort of a sleeping lovers embrace.

In the beginning you feel warm, loved and secure.

Then, as the night shed's its darkness, you realise his skin stubble is scratching your nose, your arm has gone dead underneath him and in the harsh reality of day light,

Nothing is the same.

You pull away, and wrap yourself inside once more...

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