Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Subtle hint acknowledged.

Japan is possibly one of the most wicked destinations on earth. Their toilets speak to you the trains speak to you, people greet you in elevators, bright lights confront you at every corner. There are miles upon miles of eateries to satisfy every taste bud. convenience stores every 500 meters (sometimes even closer). You can buy soup, hot coffee, peach water and cigarettes from vending machines. Girls can wear pretty much nothing and no one calls them a whore. There are clothes shops 7 stories high that have a kaleidoscope of accessories and clothes. You don't even have to be a nerd to appreciate the amount of gadgets they have. I cant even begin to imagine what some of them do. You can sleep in bars and clubs til you sober up. the cops wont tell you to stop drinking your 500ml bottle of Kirin on the street, he will ask very politely if you could please be a little quieter. Strangers offer you their own beds, make sure you get off the train at the right station and will offer help if you are lost. People dress in what ever the fuck they want because they fucking want too.

Basically you can do what ever the fuck you want as long as you do it quietly.

I loved it you'll love it and I think Japan should rule the world.


*Edit- I wanna go out wearing no shirt and leather gloves.

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