Monday, September 7, 2009

Insignificant Contributer.


My name is Dajana. I am a friend of Holly and Jet's and would like to sporadically contribute to this blog by posting little writing pieces of mine here and there...

Obviously I'm too lazy to start my own blog.
I hope you enjoy them.

"Idol Time"

Idol time is the devil's play thing.

It is the space in which he uses to fill our minds with thoughts well used time would not allow.

Is life how i want it? Should there be more? Do I love passionately, aggressively, intensely? Or am i selling my soul? Am i missing out? Would i feeling better if i had more money, friends, glitter, entertainment and sleep?

Or less work, candy, arguments and mess?

And then thoughts and wondering turn into actions and mishaps, or worse, mistakes.

It's what leads the thought filled dreamer to silence his head with drugs. The happily married father of two to run off with Little Miss 'the grass is always greener.' The emotionally demented office worker to strap himself to a tree, all in the name of saving a rain forest that burns around him...

Idol time is what creates thinkers. For without wondering, mistakes, affairs, The Beatles, mishaps and adventures, when would something new and outrageous be uncovered?

How would art be created, if not from some mad man who would cut off his own ear from too much time spent going over and over memories in his mind?

Idol time, The Basketball Diaries and thoughts of going a little insane myself are what lead me to write this verse...

If idol time is the devil's play thing, then let him play.

Give him a ball to bounce us from one chapter of our lives to another.

Some marbles to help us loose ours.

A deck of cards to perform tricks that drive us to change our pattern of thought.

And don't forget to give him a rope, so he can lend it to us to hang ourselves with in the end, when we fuck it all up.

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