Thursday, September 10, 2009

Insignificant Contributer

"The Story of 2 Strangers, one a Little Stranger Than the Other"

And I'll miss you when your gone,

Because I've missed strangers before.

And you will go, because they all do eventually,

Voluntarily or not...

And this, this is what I'll miss,

This messy confusion, over thought delusion.

It eventually straitens itself out,

Like ups and downs on a hospital heart monitor.

And my heart goes dead.

I don't believe anyone will love me like he did...

For he didn't love me because I was pretty or friendly secretive, because I never wore shoes and got on with his friends in sun soaked surf on a calm verandas day.

But because he loved me despite the fact that I was messy, selfish, sometimes destructive plus rude and always too loud.

And still, it is you i will miss,

When you are gone.

x. D.

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