Monday, September 21, 2009

Insignificant Contributer

"An Affair to Remember"

I'd say I miss you everyday, but I don't.
Only when I drink coffee with a cigarette and remember how much you hated the movie.
Or when I go out to dinner and remember that for the whole first month together we didn't, opting instead to stay in my apartment, ordering take out, taking photo's, watching movies, drinking red wine and lying in bed.

I'd say every song reminds me of you, but they don't.
Only "Colour Blind" by Counting Crows that we swayed to, bare foot in a crowded room while everyone else just watched. And any song from the CD you left in my player.

I'd say I wish I had you back, but I don't.
Only when you message me saying how you wish I'd come back so we could be bored together. Cause we were always so good at being boring. Boredom is the new excitement.

But you remind me too much of me, only worse.

Your unstable, calculated. Crazy, straight minded. Intelligent, stupid. Mean, kind. Upsetting, funny. Mature, juvenile.
You know what you want but went about getting it in all the wrong ways.

I won't say I miss you everyday...
So stop saying you miss me.

x. D.

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